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Foal by Proud To Be Famous out of MS Ice Queen

MemberLauren Hodge
Foaled on05/10/2018
Foal's SireProud To Be Famous
Foal's DamMS Ice Queen
NotesGreat grand sire is Seattle Slew
Added on05/10/2017 11:22:18

Suggested Names
(voting ends 05/24/2017 11:22:18)
Chasin Fame   [6 votes] 
Dancing Slew Fame   [0 votes] 
Famous as a King   [0 votes] 
Famous Ice   [0 votes] 
Famous Seattle Ice   [1 votes] 
Proud To Be Ice Cream   [1 votes] 
Queen Lauren Dun   [2 votes] 
Queenies Famous Slew   [0 votes] 
The Ice Man   [2 votes] 

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