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Foal by Mystic Blue Eyes out of Nagin

MemberAmy Lent
Foaled on05/13/2017
Foal's SireMystic Blue Eyes
Foal's DamNagin
Farm Ramblen Farm
NotesThis is a buckskin warmblood colt foaled last night that I am looking for a name for. It must start with the letter M for his registry. Dam is a thoroughbred with Mr Prospector, Northern Dancer, Hoist the Flag, and Sea Lord in her pedigree. I like funny names that stand out for showing.
Added on05/13/2017 12:38:49

Suggested Names
(voting ends 05/27/2017 12:38:49)
Magi's Gold   [2 votes] 
Magic   [0 votes] 
Magician   [0 votes] 
Magneto   [0 votes] 
Majestic Blue Light   [0 votes] 
Majestic Blue Moon   [0 votes] 
Majesty   [1 votes] 
Majuro   [0 votes] 
Malachi   [0 votes] 
Manhattan   [0 votes] 
Marceena Nagin   [1 votes] 
Marciano   [0 votes] 
Marco   [0 votes] 
Matrix   [0 votes] 
Maximilian   [0 votes] 
Maxwell   [0 votes] 
MEDALIST   [0 votes] 
Merlin   [1 votes] 
Metallic   [0 votes] 
Midas   [0 votes] 
Midnight Sun   [0 votes] 
Monaco   [0 votes] 
Monte Carlo   [0 votes] 
Monterey   [0 votes] 
Mr. Brightside   [0 votes] 
Mr. Know It All   [0 votes] 
Muscatel   [0 votes] 
My Blue Magic   [0 votes] 
My Blue Prospector   [5 votes] 
MYSTERIOSO   [1 votes] 
Mysterious Blue Light   [0 votes] 
Mystery   [0 votes] 
Mystic Gold   [2 votes] 
Mystic Lord Dancer   [1 votes] 
Mystic Nagin   [1 votes] 
Mystic of the Dance   [2 votes] 
Mystic Prince   [3 votes] 
Mystic Ramblen Nagin   [1 votes] 
Myth Maker   [0 votes] 
Old Blue Eyes   [0 votes] 
Supernatural   [1 votes] 

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