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Foal by Risque Remarque out of El Luminate

MemberAmy Lent
Foaled on05/16/2017
Foal's SireRisque Remarque
Foal's DamEl Luminate
Farm Ramblen Farm
NotesThoroughbred colt that could be carrying the frame overo gene as his sire is a black frame overo. Bloodlines include Ellusive Quest, Halo, Hail to reason, Hoist the Flag, Northern Dancer, Cox's Ridge, Crusader Sword, and Exclusive Native. I am looking for a unique registered name due to his face markings.
Added on05/16/2017 13:10:42

Suggested Names
(voting ends 05/30/2017 01:10:42)
Asterisque   [0 votes] 
Crusader's Flag   [0 votes] 
Crusader's Masque   [0 votes] 
Crusader's Quest   [0 votes] 
Ellusivescence   [0 votes] 
Elusive Halo   [0 votes] 
Elusive Quest   [0 votes] 
Elusive Remarque   [0 votes] 
Hallmarqued   [0 votes] 
HALOGEN   [0 votes] 
Harlequin   [1 votes] 
Laserdisque   [0 votes] 
Luminate Reason   [1 votes] 
Luminesque   [2 votes] 
Marque Of Light   [0 votes] 
Marqued By Light   [0 votes] 
Masquerade   [0 votes] 
Masquerader   [0 votes] 
No Remarques   [0 votes] 
Question Mark   [1 votes] 
R Tistic   [0 votes] 
Reflectivity   [2 votes] 
Remarkable Lights   [0 votes] 
Remarquable Risk   [0 votes] 
Risq Taker   [0 votes] 
Risque A Light   [0 votes] 
Risque Effex   [0 votes] 
Risquél   [0 votes] 

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