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MemberChristina B.
Foaled on05/09/2018
Foal's SireFRANS
ColorBay Tobiano
NotesLooking for suggestions on a registered name for this stunning bay tobiano Georgian Grande (Friesian/Saddlebred) colt. Prefer a name that incorporates the word free or freedom (meaning of his sire''s name) as well as a word having to do with the universe (ie. planet, galaxy, cosmos, comet, stars, celestial, ect.) Feel free to suggest a barn name as well.
Added on05/10/2018 22:21:48

Suggested Names
(voting ends 05/30/2018 10:21:48)
Absolute Magnitude   [0 votes] 
Altair   [0 votes] 
Archer   [0 votes] 
Astro   [0 votes] 
ASTRONOMICAL   [0 votes] 
Astronomical Freedom   [0 votes] 
Avior   [0 votes] 
Big Bang   [0 votes] 
Blazar   [0 votes] 
Celestial Freedom   [0 votes] 
Colors of the Cosmos   [0 votes] 
Corona   [0 votes] 
Cosmic Eclipse   [0 votes] 
Cosmic Freedom   [0 votes] 
Cosmo   [0 votes] 
Cosmonaut   [1 votes] 
Crimson Comet   [0 votes] 
Dawn Of Creation   [1 votes] 
Drops of Jupiter   [1 votes] 
Flaming Galaxy   [1 votes] 
Free Enterprise   [0 votes] 
Free Flight   [0 votes] 
Free the Stars   [0 votes] 
Free the Universe   [0 votes] 
Free World   [0 votes] 
Freedom Hunter   [1 votes] 
Freedom''s Galaxy   [0 votes] 
Freedom's Eclipse   [0 votes] 
Freedom's Orion On Fire   [0 votes] 
Freedom's Shooting Star   [0 votes] 
Freedom's Star   [0 votes] 
Freedom's Star Hunter   [0 votes] 
Freedom's Zenith   [0 votes] 
FreeSurfin The Solar Wind   [1 votes] 
Galactic Fire   [0 votes] 
Galaxy's Fire and Ice   [0 votes] 
Galaxy's Freedom Hunter   [0 votes] 
Heliocentric   [0 votes] 
Interstellar   [0 votes] 
Interstellar Freedom   [0 votes] 
Milky Way   [1 votes] 
Modern   [1 votes] 
Mr. Universe   [3 votes] 
Orion   [0 votes] 
Orion's Flaming Arrow   [0 votes] 
Orion's Freedom   [0 votes] 
Orion's Freedom Hunter   [0 votes] 
Orion's Freedom Star   [0 votes] 
Painted Planet   [0 votes] 
Parallel Universe   [0 votes] 
Planet Frans   [1 votes] 
Quasar   [0 votes] 
Rigel   [0 votes] 
Shoot for the Stars/Moon   [0 votes] 
Solar Flair   [0 votes] 
Solar Flare   [0 votes] 
Star Of Freedom   [0 votes] 
Star Quality   [0 votes] 
Star Trails   [0 votes] 
Stars And Stripes   [0 votes] 
Stars Of Freedom   [0 votes] 
Starstruck   [0 votes] 
StarWaves   [0 votes] 
Super Star   [0 votes] 
Supernova Free Style   [1 votes] 
Universal Freedom   [0 votes] 
Zenith   [0 votes] 
Zero Gravity   [0 votes] 
Zodiac   [0 votes] 

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