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Foal by Tuff Cat Chex out of Olenas Nu Kitty

MemberK D
Foaled on07/23/2020
Foal's SireTuff Cat Chex
Foal's DamOlenas Nu Kitty
Farm JK Farming
NotesHypothetical Breeding. Foal will only be Black, Bay, or Sorrel. 50% chance rabicano. Would like to have a simple name, one to three words only. Something catchy.
Added on07/23/2018 13:32:20

Suggested Names
(voting ends 12/06/2018 01:32:19)
Chexy Cat   [0 votes] 
Dual Cat   [2 votes] 
Kitty Cat Chex   [3 votes] 
Nu Tuff Kitty   [1 votes] 
Tomcat Kitty   [1 votes] 
Tomcat Rey   [1 votes] 
Tuff Kitty Kat   [0 votes] 
Tuff N Chexy   [1 votes] 
Tuff Nu Cat   [1 votes] 
Tuff Olena   [1 votes] 
Tuff Rey   [2 votes] 
Tuffy Kat   [0 votes] 

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