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Foal by Tuff Cat Chex out of Lenas Seabiscuit

MemberK D
Foaled on07/23/2020
Foal's SireTuff Cat Chex
Foal's DamLenas Seabiscuit
Farm JK Farming
NotesHypothetical Foal. Black, Bay, Sorrel, Smokey Black, Buckskin, Palomino. Don't want a name is BISCUIT anywhere in it. The reason being is that it is more associated with Thoroughbreds and not quarter horses. It also sounds silly.
Added on07/23/2018 13:38:11

Suggested Names
(voting ends 12/06/2018 01:38:11)
Chex Mate   [1 votes] 
Hardtack   [2 votes] 
Hardtack Tuff Cat   [2 votes] 
Lenas Elliott   [1 votes] 
Lenas Tuff   [2 votes] 
Ruff N Tuff Seas   [0 votes] 
Sea Cat   [0 votes] 
Smokey Kitty   [1 votes] 
Tuff Bartender   [1 votes] 
Tuff Cat Lena   [1 votes] 
Tuff Lena   [1 votes] 
Tuff N Chexy   [1 votes] 
Tuff Pirate   [0 votes] 

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