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Foal by So Qui Li out of Shameless FirstZip

MemberK D
Foaled on05/21/2019
Foal's SireSo Qui Li
Foal's DamShameless FirstZip
ColorBay Overo
Farm JK Farming
NotesIN FOAL, not sure filly or colt so looking for either gender. Foal will be registered PTHA. Western Pleasure prospect. Also, this foal will be for sale.
Added on11/21/2018 09:28:51

Suggested Names
(voting ends 05/10/2020 09:28:51)
A Zip Of Solera   [0 votes] 
Adding Zips   [0 votes] 
Born to Zip   [2 votes] 
Designed by Zip   [1 votes] 
First Addition   [1 votes] 
First Knight   [1 votes] 
Gotta Lotta Zip   [1 votes] 
Just Lucky I Guess   [0 votes] 
Lucky Hotrod   [1 votes] 
Lucky Risk   [0 votes] 
Lucky Zip   [2 votes] 
Miss Zipless   [3 votes] 
Quintessential Zip   [0 votes] 
Shameless Addiction   [1 votes] 
Shamelessly So   [3 votes] 
Sheza First Addition   [0 votes] 
So First Class   [0 votes] 
So Much Shame   [1 votes] 
So Shameless   [1 votes] 
The Zipalong Kid   [1 votes] 
Zipped Wide Open   [1 votes] 
Zippo Qui Li   [0 votes] 
Zips Quick Trick   [1 votes] 

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