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Foal by Morgan dun n stone out of Itsallaboutgoodtaste

Member350 Ranch Weaver
Foaled on05/01/2019
Foal's SireMorgan dun n stone
Foal's DamItsallaboutgoodtaste
ColorAmber champagne
Farm Cynthia
NotesNot yet born- but probably will be a roan dun dilute. Breeding lines include zippos mr good bar/two eyed jack/ Morgan gist/sugar king bartender
Added on01/04/2019 08:26:03

Suggested Names
(voting ends 01/18/2019 08:26:02)
About Dun Bartending   [2 votes] 
Captain Morgan   [1 votes] 
Dun Good   [0 votes] 
Gist A Taste   [0 votes] 
Ima Good Bartender   [0 votes] 
Itsallaboutthegold   [50 votes] 
Morgan Dun Denise   [1 votes] 
Morgan Sugar Blossom   [35 votes] 
Stone Cold Good   [1 votes] 
Sugar Stone   [3 votes] 
Sugar Tastes Good   [1 votes] 
Tastefully Good   [1 votes] 
Two Eyed Barmaid   [2 votes] 
Zippos Barmaid   [1 votes] 

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