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Foal by My Alibi Dun It out of Shameless FirstZip

MemberK D
Foaled on04/15/2020
Foal's SireMy Alibi Dun It
Foal's DamShameless FirstZip
ColorBuckskin Overo
Farm JK Farming
NotesEeAACRCRDd x Eeaa LWO Foal could be: Buck/Dun Palomino/Dun with or without Overo Western Pleasure Prospect. Need a name that is short, simple, and catchy. Maybe something with a Truck/Vehicle theme? Or "Alibi"/"Law"/"Outlaw" type theme?
Added on04/15/2019 11:56:21

Suggested Names
(voting ends 04/29/2020 11:56:21)
Alibi First then Lie   [0 votes] 
Buck Your alibi   [6 votes] 
Bumper Scrap   [2 votes] 
Cadillac Dun It First   [0 votes] 
Design Me an Alibi   [0 votes] 
Dun Bonanza Aaron   [1 votes] 
Dun Shamed It   [1 votes] 
First Class Alibi   [2 votes] 
Ford's Alibi   [1 votes] 
GolDun Cadillac   [0 votes] 
Holly Dun's Ford   [1 votes] 
Holly's Shame   [0 votes] 
Hot Rod   [4 votes] 
Jack's Last Run   [1 votes] 
JK Jokes On You   [1 votes] 
Lawless Alibi   [0 votes] 
Lying to the Law   [0 votes] 
My Alibi Zipped It   [0 votes] 
My First Getaway   [4 votes] 
Perfect Liability   [5 votes] 
Shameless Alibi   [0 votes] 
So Buckin Shameless   [4 votes] 
Street Racer   [5 votes] 
Zip My Lips   [1 votes] 
Zippin Away   [1 votes] 

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