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Foal by Manzanita Te out of RKJ Kong’s Queen

MemberMichaella Lay
Foaled on05/01/2019
Foal's SireManzanita Te
Foal's DamRKJ Kong’s Queen
Farm LayRanch
NotesDam goes back to Frenchmans Guy and Smoke N Sparks
Added on05/01/2019 10:36:16

Suggested Names
(voting ends 10/01/2019 10:36:16)
Aztec King   [1 votes] 
Bitter Pill   [1 votes] 
Burning Manzanita   [2 votes] 
Chicano Batman   [1 votes] 
French Manz Te   [2 votes] 
Frenchmans Ballad   [1 votes] 
Frenchmanzanita   [0 votes] 
Hononga   [2 votes] 
Jam Packed Gig   [2 votes] 
King K Rool   [2 votes] 
King Kong   [2 votes] 
King RKJ   [2 votes] 
King Te   [0 votes] 
King’s Queen   [0 votes] 
LR Bonjour Bonjour   [1 votes] 
LR Killin On A Dime   [1 votes] 
Manzanita Guy   [4 votes] 
Manzanita King   [6 votes] 
Manzanita Kong's Rodney   [1 votes] 
Queen's Te   [0 votes] 
Sparks N Smoke BBQ   [2 votes] 
Sparks RKJ   [2 votes] 

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