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Foal by Chocolate Chic Olena out of Chex Great Spirit

MemberClaudia Eggl
Foaled on01/01/2021
Foal's SireChocolate Chic Olena
Foal's DamChex Great Spirit
Added on12/26/2020 00:04:46

Suggested Names

  Chex And Balances   [2 votes] 
  Chex Bueno Bonnet   [1 votes] 
  Chexed Out By The Doc   [2 votes] 
  Chexolena Chocolate Chic   [1 votes] 
  Chexolena Chocolatta   [1 votes] 
  Chexy Chocoholic   [6 votes] 
  Chic Chex Cody   [1 votes] 
  Chic's Bueno Bonnet   [1 votes] 
  Chic's Chex Choco   [2 votes] 
  Coco Poco Chex   [2 votes] 
  Great Conjunction   [1 votes] 
  Olena Chic Spirit   [1 votes] 
  Smart Hollywood Chic   [2 votes] 
  Spirit of Chic Olena   [0 votes] 

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