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Foal by Gitter Dun Turnpike out of Bodacious Reba

MemberArrow Maker Ranch
Foaled on02/19/2021
Foal's SireGitter Dun Turnpike
Foal's DamBodacious Reba
ColorBlack Tobiano
Farm Arrow Maker Ranch
NotesRace-bred paint baby. Pedigree includes First Down Dash, Bodacious Dash, Corona Cartel, PYC Paint Your Wagon, High Class Turnpike
Added on02/20/2021 09:26:20

Suggested Names
(voting ends 03/06/2021 09:26:20)
Bodacious Britches   [0 votes] 
Bodacious Class   [0 votes] 
Bodacious Corona   [0 votes] 
Bodacious Rebel   [0 votes] 
Bodaciously Painted   [0 votes] 
Dash Your Paint   [0 votes] 
DashDownTheTurnpike   [1 votes] 
Dashinfromthecartel   [0 votes] 
First Class Turnpike   [0 votes] 
Git Down N Dash   [0 votes] 
Git Your Dash Down   [0 votes] 
Git Your Dash On   [0 votes] 
Gotta Dash Quick   [0 votes] 
Im Dun Bodaciously   [0 votes] 
My Turn To Dash   [0 votes] 
On the Road Again   [0 votes] 
Painted Bodacious   [0 votes] 
Painted Bodaciously   [0 votes] 
Painted Cartel   [0 votes] 
Painting For Cash   [0 votes] 
Rebas Glitter Gitter   [0 votes] 
Turn N Dash   [0 votes] 
Turn the Cartel   [0 votes] 
Turn the Cartel   [0 votes] 
Turn the Cartel   [0 votes] 
Turnin Bodacious   [0 votes] 
Turnin Dun   [1 votes] 
Turnpike Dunacious   [0 votes] 
Turnpikes DashOClass   [0 votes] 

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