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Foal by Redfords blue chip out of Pep mag

MemberBrandy Auseth
Foaled on06/01/2019
Foal's SireRedfords blue chip
Foal's DamPep mag
Farm Dusty Hat Ranch
NotesLate registration on this gelding. Needs a registration name with solano in it
Added on06/09/2021 15:46:37

Suggested Names
(voting ends 06/23/2021 03:46:37)
A Solano Blue Thru   [0 votes] 
Chip of Solano   [0 votes] 
chipped off solano   [0 votes] 
Choco Solano   [0 votes] 
Red Chip Solano   [1 votes] 
Red Solanolena   [1 votes] 
San Dee Solano   [0 votes] 
Solano Blue   [1 votes] 
Solano Bueno   [0 votes] 
Solano Chipped In   [0 votes] 
Solano Chips   [0 votes] 
Solano Red Chip   [5 votes] 
Solano So Red   [1 votes] 
Solano SpinOnAWhim   [0 votes] 
Solanos Chip Magnet   [0 votes] 
Solanos chipped off   [0 votes] 
Solanos Peppy Chip   [0 votes] 
Solanos Red Hot   [0 votes] 
Solanos Red Magnum   [0 votes] 
Solanos Reddy To Zip   [0 votes] 
Solanos Rob Roy   [0 votes] 
Solanos Zippy Chip   [0 votes] 
Spin To Whim Solano   [0 votes] 
Zippo Solano   [0 votes] 

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