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Foal by Callie’s Calvin out of Classy Silk Stockings

MemberChristina B.
Foaled on05/10/2022
Foal's SireCallie’s Calvin
Foal's DamClassy Silk Stockings
ColorBlack Tobiano
NotesThis elegant little filly is needing a registered/show name! Preferably something that incorporates both sire and dam names.
Added on05/12/2022 19:05:58

Suggested Names
(voting ends 05/26/2022 07:05:58)
Call Me Classy   [1 votes] 
Callia’s Smooth As Silk   [0 votes] 
Callie Oop   [0 votes] 
Callie’s Got Class   [0 votes] 
Calliope (kal-LY-oh-pee)   [0 votes] 
Calvin's Silky Stockings   [1 votes] 
Cal’s Splash of Class   [0 votes] 
Classy Callie   [0 votes] 
Fishnets   [0 votes] 
High Class   [0 votes] 
High Class Callie   [0 votes] 
Silken Callie   [2 votes] 

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