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Foal by Cromed Out Mercedes out of Chexymoon

MemberUwe Hellstern
Foaled on06/04/2022
Foal's SireCromed Out Mercedes
Foal's DamChexymoon
Farm Gestuet Romanshof
NotesAmerican Quarter Horse
Added on06/22/2022 11:29:55

Suggested Names
(voting ends 07/06/2022 11:29:55)
A Little Crome   [0 votes] 
Cash In On Crome   [0 votes] 
Cash Is Customary   [0 votes] 
Chex Out my Mercedes   [0 votes] 
Chexymoon Kayla   [1 votes] 
Crome My Cash   [0 votes] 
Crome The Cash   [0 votes] 
Cromes Nu Moon   [0 votes] 
Cromes Outta Cash   [0 votes] 
Custom Moonshine   [0 votes] 
Customized Cash   [0 votes] 
Customized Chex   [0 votes] 
Itsa Nu Custom   [0 votes] 
Little Red Corvette   [0 votes] 
Mercedes Moon   [1 votes] 
Miss Diamond Chex   [0 votes] 
Moons Red McLaren   [0 votes] 
Nu Customized Moon   [0 votes] 
Nu N Custom Too   [0 votes] 
One Chexy Customer   [0 votes] 
Outshine The Moon   [0 votes] 
Shes A Nu Custom   [0 votes] 
Wild Fire Spark   [0 votes] 

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