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Bay Colt Sierras TNT Sheza Investment Too 03/18/2012 Second Chances
Bay Colt Knud with wings Macs fancy freckles 04/28/2017 Stewart barrel horses
Bay Colt Four Tris 10/16/2018 West Brook
Cremello Colt Insurgent Divergent 10/16/2018 West Brook
Bay Filly Viva la Vida Prima Tessa 10/13/2018
Bay Colt Ceblesse Skye’s Diamond Legend 10/13/2018
Bay Filly Ceblesse My Emerald Star 10/13/2018
Appaloosa Filly Champagne Sparkle Champagne N Roses 08/15/2018 Rockin K
Black Filly Magno Doc Ms Buck Valentine 04/26/2018 3R Livestock
Black turning Gray Colt Perks Firewater Flit Exec Menace Playgirl 03/27/2018 3R Livestock
Black Appaloosa Filly American Horror Story Harmony Hunter 10/02/2018 Skyes Serenity Stables
Buckskin Colt BW Just Like Doc Bells Freckles N Scotch 09/30/2018 Skyes Serenity Stables
Red Roan Filly SES By Moonlight SES Fancy This 00/00/0000 Skyes Serenity Stables
Dun Colt Jesses Double Dee Rare Hawaiian 01/30/2018 Stewart barrel horses
Palomino Colt Bayou Frenchmen EyeGotWings 09/12/2018
Bay Colt Choose Or Lose Dixie 09/25/2018
Sorrel Colt Rare Episode Par Bar Sunday 02/13/2017 Stewart barrel horses
Chestnut Colt Lil Hollywood Jac Little Red Chex 00/00/0000
Palomino Tobiano Colt Unknown Unknown 01/01/2009 SugarRed Ranch
Chestnut Overo Colt Gunners Last Oak Jacs Lady Tamulena 03/19/2018
Bay Filly Dashin Dynamo Keyhole Cut the Chex 00/00/0000
Grulla Colt JG Scootin Boogie Sissy Blue Mam 08/29/2018 Baileys Performance Horses
Bay Tobiano Colt Hummer Hancock Hayes QT Shonuff GottaDot 08/29/2018 Baileys Performance Horses
Blue Roan Filly Hummer Hancock Hayes Hancocks Betsy Blue 08/29/2018 Baileys Performance Horses
Buckskin Colt Hummer Hancock Hayes Cee Driftwood Boogie 08/29/2018 Baileys Performance Horses
Bay Colt One Fabulous Time Koko Moonshine 03/31/2018
Buckskin Filly Starlight shiner Betty big chex 05/17/2019
Bay Colt My World Wedding Vow 08/22/2018 Rainbow Horse Stable
Dark Bay Colt Orchard Park Flute of Bubbly 08/20/2018 Rainbow Horse Stable
Roan Filly Meteles Cat Special Travalena 02/18/2018 Tres Olivas

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