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Bay Colt lazy loper km miss me 03/24/2018 haras de l hermet
Bay Overo Colt Rock N Roll Obsession Painted Shells  03/17/2018 Shadowsong Stables
Chestnut Tobiano Filly Ghosts of Winchester  Fancy This 03/15/2018 Shadowsong Stables
Black Filly Chex N Go Delta Sailor 03/17/2018
Chestnut Colt Precedence Fancy n phenomenal 10/08/2017 Taylash quarter horses
Palomino Colt Precedence Skippin along merrily 00/00/0000 Taylash quarter horses
Palomino Filly Wimpys Melody Step Smart Little Desire 03/19/2014 Cadence
Buckskin Filly Suns Pacific Folly Jacks Blue Eyed Miss 07/25/2017 Dexheimer
Buckskin Colt Rips poco doc bar Js Deluxe Chip 03/10/2018
Dark Bay Filly Legado Furioso Highjinx 03/06/2018 The Endure Ranch
Mouse Dun Colt Jeepie dun it Rock N roll red pine 02/24/2018 1975
Bay Filly Redding Colliery Like a Lover 02/14/2018 Ramblen Farm
Black turning Gray Colt Invited Tiger A Shimmering Breeze 10/26/2016
Palomino Filly Dun It In Platinum Barts Last Link 03/01/2019 Wynsom
Bay Colt Contenda Sulleys Diamond Princess 12/21/2017
Amber champagne Filly Rowdy Special Image Simply Sable 01/25/2018 Rockin K
Bay Filly Genuinely Lethal Ichi Lil Kitty 01/22/2018 La Brisa Cutting Horses
Palomino Filly Whizn Amigo Butter High Jacked 01/19/2018
Twin Blues Enchanted Twin Blues King's Saviour JD Chyann 01/16/2018 Twin Blues Stud
Bay Colt Unknown Unknown 01/01/2013 Etoile Noir Elites
Buckskin Colt Unknown Unknown 01/01/2012 Etoile Noir Elites
Buckskin Colt Unknown Unknown 01/01/2013 Etoile Noir Elites
Black Colt Kobayashi Maru Cryptic Downfall 01/03/2018 Etoile Noir Elites
Bay Appaloosa Colt Living in my Shadow Experiment 11/01/2014 Etoile Noir Elites
Amber champagne Colt Take It Back Astraea 01/07/2018 Etoile Noir Elites
Palomino Filly Khatadin Unnamed 06/13/2009 Etoile Noir Elites
Bay Appaloosa Filly Serenade Me Bell September 09/01/2012 Etoile Noir Elites
Grulla Colt Vortexx Wampa Granite 10/01/2013 Etoile Noir Elites
Black Appaloosa Colt Antithesis Noya 08/01/2011 Etoile Noir Elites
Amber champagne Filly Ceblesse Brown Sugar 01/16/2018

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